Jeanette McGillicuddy"Steve Ritz and his staff provide a service that is convenient, efficient and a great value. " Chris Liwienski, Former NFL Football Player

Bruce Helmer"I really enjoy the one-on-one attention and the variety of workouts at Fitness First. My energy level is much higher and my muscle tone has greatly improved. My entire experience at Fitness First has been excellent!" Jeanette McGillicuddy, Satisfied Client

“You’re not just a number when you walk through this door. Steve and his staff truly care. He believes in you, and he relays that so you believe in yourself.” Linda Salonek, Satisfied Client

Linda Salonek“Working with Steve and his staff is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve lost over 40 pounds. They keep me focused and give me a complete safe workout.” Dan Klein, Klein Bank

Dan Klein“I used to suffer from long term back pain. After working out at Fitness First those pains have completely disappeared. Plus, I have gained a huge amount of flexibility and strength.” Bruce Helmer, Satisfied Client

“Working out at Fitness First has pushed me further than I ever could have achieved on my own.” Lisa Davis, Satisfied Client

Paul Zander

“The staff at Fitness First was very interested in my desire to do well in triathlon competition, so they designed a workout program specifically for me. My leg strength has increased as well as my endurance. I am definitely more fit and leaner than when I started at Fitness First.” Laura Templin-Howk, Satisfied Client

Robyn Larson“The staff at Fitness First has helped me to improve my endurance, stamina and performance so I can enjoy the sports I love. I also appreciate the staff’s flexibility in accommodating my busy schedule. Fitness First provides the best fitness plan I have found." Paul Zander,M.D. Satisfied Client

Lisa Davis“The most appealing aspect of Fitness First is the appointment only service and the personalized atmosphere. I’ve noticed an increase in my overall strength and I have more energy.”Robyn Larson, Satisfied Client

Laura Templin-Howk“I drive around 50 minutes one way just to work out at Fitness First. I know I could go 15 minutes away from home, but I would end up spending twice the time in the gym and only get half the results I get at Fitness First. These results are worth the drive!” Mike Hennek, Satisfied Client