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Flexible Appointment Only Services

All services conducted within our facility are provided on an appointment only basis and are easily adjustable. For your convenience, instructors are available a variety of times, including mornings, nights and weekends.

Personal One-On-One Fitness Training

Clients receive a complete consultation to discuss the goals of their life journey. The highly educated staff at Fitness First will then formulate an exercise prescription to meet each client's goals. Clients work one-on-one directly with an instructor, being educated and monitored through each and every step.

Personalized Fitness Training

This service is similar to the One-on-One training service. Clients work directly with an instructor, however, Fitness First reserves the right to overlap clients within their training appointment. The ratio will never be greater than three clients per one instructor. 

Athletic and Non-Athletic Injury Rehabilitation

Formulated for an athletic or non-athletic related injury, this service bridges the gap between in-clinic physical therapy and return to normal daily activities or high-intensity sport activities. Clients train in a controlled environment to improve strength, flexibility, endurance and the functional skills necessary to develop confidence, thus reducing the likelihood of re-injury.

Nutritional Advisement

Nutrition is a vital component to health, well being and overall fitness. This instruction dispels many of the myths and misconceptions regarding nutrition. Clients are educated about making nutritional decisions and implementing those decisions for a lifetime of nutritious eating. Unlike other services which leave people dependent upon certain pre-packaged foods, the nutritional advisement service at Fitness First is based upon education and becoming self-sufficient in making nutritional decisions. This is not a diet, but a transformation into sustainable lifelong nutritional habits.

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