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As a result of the strength training at Fitness First we can do things we want to do, feel great about working, being with our grandchildren and traveling.

Gary & Sandy Cooper

I suffered a very severe injury to my left hamstring tendons while waterskiing. After meeting with Steve and two orthopedic surgeons, Steve formulated an injury rehabilitation and strengthening prescription which we implemented immediately. My decision to rehabilitate and strengthen at Fitness First as opposed to surgery was definitely the correct choice. I have experienced a natural healing process and my strength has increased significantly.

Chris Nelson

The structure and accountability Fitness First offers works very well with my busy schedule. As a Dermatologist, owning my own practice, I need a fitness company that implements an efficient and highly effective approach, enabling me to maximize my time. Fitness First is the ideal answer to all my needs.

Beth Briden

The benefits of my strength training appointments at Fitness First have exceeded anything I have ever done. I feel great every morning when I get out of bed. Everything is easier for me – from chopping wood, sawing, standing, sitting – everything. I no longer have excuses or fears about having an aching back.

Norm Domholt

The slogan of ‘Be Stronger For Your Journey’ at Fitness First rings very true to me, having had a knee replacement at 68. Steve and his staff not only helped me get through the important physical part of the process, but also the mental and emotional pieces as well.

Dan Klein

The appointments are quick and easy to schedule. Plus, they are intense, efficient, full body workouts so it doesn’t take much time out of my busy day. The staff at Fitness First have really helped me improve my leg strength which allows me to carve well into the hill to accelerate out of turns and ski faster. My tennis game has also improved with the improvement of my body strength and endurance.

Adam Hoxie

Overall, I feel great. The benefits of my strength training appointments have spilled over to every aspect of my life including my golf game. I am able to hit the ball further and have much more endurance while playing. Recently, I shot my lowest round– 67 (5 under) since college at Deacon’s Lodge in Brainerd, MN.

Christian Klein

I can really tell all the instructors really care about my health and well being. If I arrive at an appointment with aches from dancing, they will take extra time to educate me on the necessary procedures to deal with the aches. I have gained an under-standing on how strength training will help reduce the dance related aches in addition to lowering the incidence and severity of future injuries.

Hope Loosbrock

As a result of my strength training at Fitness First I have become stronger and much faster. My rowing time has dropped significantly because my power-to-weight ratio has increased allowing me to move more efficiently across the water. Strength training at Fitness First has definitely helped me gain a competitive edge to develop as a collegiate rower.

Keegan Train

Distance running has always been a significant part of my life. I have attempted yoga and other activities to complement my running but always felt there was something missing. I realize strength training can help improve muscle development, metabolism and bone strength which are all very important at my age. I am very confident the strength training I am performing at Fitness First is helping in all of these areas. I also feel stronger when I run, especially on longer runs such as half marathons.

Cindy Eischens

The strength training at Fitness First really helped me perform at my best during high school and continued to help me as a football player at the University of St. Thomas.

Gavin Dauwalter

I am a significantly better golfer and softball player since resuming my strength training appointments at Fitness First. I also coach hockey and have seen my physical abilities and personal relationship skills improve to a level where I experience greater success and enjoyment.

Josh Menden

I have experienced positive changes in my capabilities while participating in boot camp and kick boxing classes as well as Spartan Races. When I began these activities, I was the slowest student which is not the case anymore.

Rosalyn Dawson

Since I began making strength training appointments at Fitness First I have increased lean weight, lower body fat and my clothes fit better. As a result of the strength training at Fitness First I can do things I want to do, feel great about working, being with my grandchildren and traveling. My Fitness First experience has been great!

Gary Cooper

I have come to realize the need for strength training in addition to good nutrition to reach my fitness goals. I would never have the muscle definition I do now without my strength training at Fitness First. I feel great, look better and feel more confident than I have ever felt in my life! My long-term goal is to continue my progress, maintaining my weight while continuing to improve my muscle strength.

Diane Marthaler

I am fortunate that I have no health issues and want to keep it that way. I am losing body fat, my knees feel better and my Sunday walks at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum with my wife are much easier. I have been very pleased with Fitness First and plan to continue strength training for a very long time.

Fred Potthoff

Since I started strength training at Fitness First I feel fit and I am very proud of the way I look. My husband says he has noticed a significant difference in my shoulders and back. Comments such as this make me appreciate the total body approach to strength training used at Fitness First during every appointment.

Tricia Frostad

As far as my personal accomplishments are concerned, not only did they help me improve my muscle mass and strength, but they have helped me with weight management as well. As a result of my strength training at Fitness First, I have decreased my body fat, broadened my chest and shoulders and decreased my waist. I have continued to maintain a healthy body weight and have improved my energy at home and work.

Paul Zander

As I approached 30 I became increasingly unhappy with changes in my body as a result of slowing metabolism. This change prompted me to keep a watchful eye on my body weight for the first time in life. My initial goals to decrease body fat and become a healthier person in addition to increasing my energy have been accomplished. My Fitness First experience has been fantastic!

Kristen Klein

I have the strength to go hiking, water skiing and snowshoeing. I never would have been able to perform these activities without my improved strength.

Betsy Schneider

I struggle with diverticulitis, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and the strength training appointments at Fitness Firsts have helped me improve them. I have more strength, energy and feel better.

Don Mohs

I have increased strength, reduced body fat and I am ready to live a stronger more physically active life.

Rick Ford

My strength training appointments at Fitness First enabled me to fully enjoy all of the physical activity on my trip to Scotland in celebration of my 80th birthday.

Mary Kraemer

Physical improvements are easier to measure, but the happiness quotient is much harder to deduce. However, I certainly value the positive feeling from strength training at Fitness First over taking an antidepressant any day!

Adam Chandler

My job entails long hours of sitting and many of my hobbies are also sedentary. However, once I am at my appointment, I feel so much better physically and that makes me happier all the way around. I really get a sense of accomplishment and frankly the training has positively spilled into all aspects of my life.

Nels Erickson

I am in better shape, have experienced less pain in my back and I have increased stamina while performing daily tasks. I have lost weight and I am living healthier all the way around. The human body has an amazing ability for growth and recovery at any age.

Wendy Harmening

The instructors at Fitness First have been great advocates for me and helped get me stronger to complete my first Ironman competition.

Steve Soderstrom

I have seen so many improvements in my body and mental attitude. Even my posture has improved. Before training at Fitness First I had many mornings when I felt aches and pains until I really started moving. Now I just hop out of bed! Plus, I have much more energy throughout the day and even into the evening. I am totally hooked!

Gayle DeHaan

I love being outdoors, going backpacking, mountaineering, hiking. I need to be in shape to do those things. Strength training at Fitness First has enabled me to not only do the things I love, but to do them better!

Jeff Mankowski

The fact that we only have to strength train twice a week to improve fits nicely in our busy retirement schedule. We feel better mentally, and stronger physically as a result of our strength training appointments at Fitness First.

Brenda & Gary Welch

After having a total left knee replacement the surgeons and nurses were amazed with my strength and stability after surgery. As I discussed my progress with my medical team we all came to the same conclusion. My amazing results were due to my pre and post-op strength training appointments with Fitness First.

Roger Menden

I have added 15 pounds of muscle which is definitely helping me in both of my sports. I am a stronger rebounder in basketball and my times are improving in cross country.

Parker Bjorklund

I completed a half marathon and felt great after. I feel very healthy since I began strength training at Fitness First, and the appointments have become an important part of my busy lifestyle.

Jolene Panciocco

The improved energy and endurance as a result of my appointments at Fitness First has positively impacted many areas of my life. My husband and I enjoy adventure travel, volunteering, babysitting our grandchildren as well as spending long hours planting vegetables once a month for CSA (Consumer Source of Agriculture).

Mary Jodeit

I have experienced back and neck issues and my enjoyment of hobbies such as woodworking, biking and golfing were impacted. Since I have started making strength training appointments at Fitness First my back and neck pain has reduced and I have also experienced a decline of pain in my knees and hands.

Gary Welch

Strength training is allowing me to do the things I need and want to do. I have a vegetable garden and the planting and weeding goes more efficiently making my gardening more enjoyable.

Nancy Madsen

A Fitness First appointment is definitely the high point of my day. I have more energy and an improved mood following my appointments. I would strongly recommend strength training at Fitness First.

Margaret Gagnon-Pollard

The approach used at Fitness First has significantly improved a low back issue that has bothered me for years. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been thanks to Fitness First.

Mike Madsen

I play hockey 2-3 times a week and have improved my level of play, decreased the number of nagging injuries, and increased endurance as a result of my appointments at Fitness First.

Jeff Cameron

Due to the effects of an injured back from a snowmobile accident, I became so inactive that arthritis settled into my back. A doctor had recommended surgery, but the strength training at Fitness First has helped so much that I no longer experience back pain and I have decided not to have surgery.

Brenda Flood

I have struggled with low back pain for years and was concerned I might make matters worse if I were to attempt strengthening activities on my own. I expressed both my concerns and goals to the professionals at Fitness First. The staff was patient in educating me on how the strength training would reduce the incidence and severity of pain in my low back. Now, even after activities such as shoveling, I feel no pain.

Gail Becker

Hip replacement surgery has a long recovery period and the staff at Fitness First has helped me accomplish my two initial goals. I have improved my strength and received qualified, professional assistance to achieve my health goals.

Bob Wittman

I have an abnormal spinal curvature and experienced a back injury in 2002. As a result, I have experienced physical discomfort and decreased mobility. The team of experts at Fitness First addressed my goals while respecting my concerns. I have reduced pain, improved mobility and my very observant supervisor has noticed the impact on my work performance.

Doug Erickson

I know at Fitness First I will be able to strength train my entire body and continue to improve my fitness while addressing my surgically repaired knee. I found the strength training I performed prior to knee surgery decreased my recovery time enabling me to quickly get back to the activities I enjoy.

Terri Walker

I have been very impressed with the highly educated and experienced team of experts at Fitness First. The customized exercise prescription targeting specific muscles makes me very comfortable I am strengthening my back without any risk of further damage.

Chapin Hall

I am a president of a manufacturing company requiring frequent travel. The flexible scheduling procedures at Fitness First have been very helpful for me to prioritize fitness. When my travel schedule requires I miss appointments, the instructors are good at adapting and making the necessary adjustments.

Steve Sundberg

I have found, with my demanding work and travel schedule, it was getting more and more difficult to keep up with a regular workout routine. Having an appointment at Fitness First forces me to take responsibility for my own health and well being. The set appointments at Fitness First force me to make time for myself.

Jeanette McGillicuddy

I work in the construction field as a contractor, and my work day can be very chaotic. The flexible scheduling at Fitness First is very valuable to me. The staff is so accommodating working around my busy schedule. It makes it much easier to stay on track and get a great workout in approximately 45 minutes twice a week.

Bret Hepola

I have three children, four grandchildren with another on the way, and enjoy spending a significant amount of time with them. The fact that I only have to strength train twice a week to improve fits nicely in my busy retirement schedule.

Brenda Welch

I was searching for a fitness service that would offer appointment only strength training and conform to my busy schedule. Fitness First has provided the perfect service for me. The majority of my strength training appointments have been in the early morning which allows me to get an early start on my work day so I can spend evenings with my family.

Mark Lavin


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