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The Color of Fruits and Vegetables

Q: Numerous Stump the Staff answers cite the importance of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet.  A client asked the follow up question; “Does the color of the fruit or vegetables impact its health benefits?” A: Fruit and vegetables are always a great choice to improve your diet.  The color of the fruit or [...]

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Q: “Farm-to-Table” is a current food trend.  What should you consider when deciding to purchase “Farm-to-Table” food? A: Farm-to-Table is generally regarded as a social movement that promotes serving/consuming locally grown food at restaurants through direct procurement from the producer.  It often incorporates a form of food traceability allowing consumers to know where the food [...]

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Q: Recently, on a health radio show, the host commented that ~75% of all forms of cancer are preventable.  What can you tell me about this statement? A: There is debate about recent cancer prevention studies. 2008 research suggested that 5 to 10% of all cancer cases were attributed to genetic defects and the remaining [...]

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Blood Vessels

Q:  What are the differences between veins, arteries, and capillaries?  What are varicose veins and what are the causes? A:  The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood.  The blood vessels transport oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and cellular waste products throughout the body.  The three main blood vessels are arteries, veins, and capillaries.  [...]

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Sunscreen Application

Q: With summer upon us, I have started to apply sunscreen.  What does the SPF rating mean (e.g. SPF 30)? A: Not only are we well into summer, but May was also Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  So, it is a great time to understand the sunscreen ratings. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor.  It refers [...]

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Q: Too much sodium in your diet is bad.  Can you have too little sodium in your diet?  What are the side effects? A: A low blood sodium level is called Hyponatremia. Common reasons for Hyponatremia: Excess water in the body which dilutes the normal sodium concentration From consuming large amounts of water during strenuous [...]

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Cooked vs. Raw Vegetables

Q: Are some vegetables healthier when they are cooked vs. when they are raw? A: Depending on the vegetable and cooking method, cooked vegetables can result in enhanced nutritional benefits that are not found in the raw state. Benefits of cooked vegetables Cooking vegetables breaks down fibrous cell walls which makes it easier to absorb [...]

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2017 Goal Setting

Q: It is 2017! People are setting fitness/health resolutions and the new fitness/health trends are all the rage.  Below is a list of things to focus on when setting goals and some fitness/health trends to ignore. A: When setting goals: Focus on activity goals:  Most people set weight goals: “I want to lose 15 lbs.”  Instead [...]

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Sport Specialization

Q: There is pressure to have our elementary age children specialize (focus) on a single sport.  Is there research on this topic? A: Over the last 25 years, specializing in a single sport at a young age has become more and more common.  The reasons for specializing vary but the most common reason cited is [...]

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Protein Consumption

Q: Can you consume too much protein?  Is it dangerous? A:  According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, on average, Americans consume between one-and-a-half to two times more protein than the daily recommended intake established by the World Health Organization. It is also common for athletes and bodybuilders to believe a higher [...]

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