Kidney stones run in my family.  Does exercise help prevent kidney stones or help pass a kidney stone?


If someone in your family has had kidney stones, you are more likely to develop stones.  If you previously had a stone, you have a 50% chance of getting another stone in seven years.

Does exercise help you pass a stone more quickly?  Unclear.  Can exercise help prevent a stone?  Yes.

The prevalence of stones is on the rise.  Stone used to be limited to adults, but is becoming more common among young adults and in some cases, children.  Stones and chronic disease and obesity are highly correlated with the primary cause pointing to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles.

Stones form when urine becomes highly concentrated.  When the ratio of waste to liquid becomes high, minerals and other elements crystallize into stones.

How to prevent kidney stones?

  • Stay hydrated with water to keep you urine properly diluted
  • Eat a proper diet. Low sodium/sugar, less processed, high fiber/water content foods
  • Limit intake of foods rich in oxalates (nuts, tea, chocolate, coffee, soy products and others)
  • Enjoy citrus fruits. Citrus fruits help prevent stone formation
  • Limit supplement intake
  • Exercise to increase metabolic rate / burn calories and maintain good body composition

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