Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, or considerate to others.

Are there health benefits for the person doing the act of kindness? Yes, there are several studies that indicate that an act of kindness has positive impacts on your health. Acts of kindness…..

  • Release chemicals called endorphins – similarly to when you exercise, an endorphin release occurs with an act of kindness. Endorphins help reduce the perception of pain/stress and enhance the immune system.
  • Release a chemical called oxytocin – among other things, oxytocin improves self-esteem, fosters optimism, reduces stress/anxiety, and triggers a secondary chemical that reduces blood pressure.
  • Release a chemical called serotonin – serotonin helps regulate mood/happiness. It is called the happy chemical.
  • Provides perspective – it is easy to focus on and see the negative in the world. Committing an act of kindness helps you feel good, see the good in the world, and remind us that life is worth living.
  • Finally, several studies found people that regularly act kind are happier and have more energy. People 55 years and older have a 44% lower likelihood of dying when they volunteered for two or more organizations.

The act itself is more important than the significance of the act. A heartfelt thank-you is just as impactful to your health as a large donation to a charity. Add an act of kindness to your daily routine!

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