Q: Is human perspiration connected to genetics, nutrition, environment, lifestyle, etc?

A: Perspiration is a normal bodily function.  It is one of the body’s primary methods of naturally cooling itself.

What dictates perspiration?  Numerous things:

  • Environment – Hot and humid weather leads to greater perspiration
  • Fitness level – Better fitness levels lead to more efficient regulation of body temperature.  This results in two things:
    • During rest, less perspiration
    • During physical activity,
      • Perspire sooner in response to activity/temperature
      • Perspire more as better fitness levels lead to more intense activity and greater demand on the body to cool itself
  • Nutrition – A healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean meats results in easier digestion.  Easier digestion requires less energy which generates less heat and results in easier body temperature regulation
  • Hydration – Proper hydration results in more efficient regulation of body temperature and less perspiration
  • Caffeine – It stimulates your nervous system, increases your heart rate/blood pressure, and activates your sweat glands. More energy equal more perspiration
  • Alcohol – It increases your heart rate and dilates the blood vessels in your skin.  Body heat increases the demand on your cooling system.

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