Research increasingly suggests and supports that strength training is a significant component of a comprehensive fitness program.  When appropriately prescribed and supervised, strength training has many favorable effects on overall health.  Here is a list of ten reasons why strength training should be included in your fitness program.  Fitness first can develop a customized exercise prescription that helps improve these areas.

1.  Builds healthy bones and reduces risk for Osteoporosis

2.  Increases energy throughout the day and improves sleep at night

3.  Helps produce long-term results by adding lean muscle tissue to your body

4.  Helps improve confidence and self-esteem

5.  Increases lean muscle tissue to improve body composition

6.  Increases metabolism

7.  Reduces low back and arthritic pain by strengthening the supporting musculature

8.  Reduces blood pressure and improves glucose metabolism

9.  Increases muscle strength improving athletic performance and reducing injuries

10.  Helps prevent age associated muscle loss